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Wrought Iron Coffin Nail

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Iron Coffin Nails -- 2.5" 
Coffin nails are a necessary component in many forms of ritual magick, including Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Witchcraft, Obeah, and Santeria, just to name a few. As noted, they are mainly used for negative spells or charms. They are used to put a hex on someone, literally putting a nail in that person’s coffin. Coffin nails are also used in spells of malice, to make someone ill, to drive them away, or even to cause a premature death. In Voodoo, they were used to drive a victim insane. They are also used in revenge spells and other destructive magickal workings.
On the positive side of things, coffin nails are used to break curses, reverse spells, break addictions, rid oneself from evil, to stop fights, general protection, or to ‘nail down’ something such as a goal or specific objective. They are also used in certain wealth or money spells. In these cases they are hammered into the corners of the home or in the door jambs and window sills, to keep your money ‘at home’. Coffin nails can also be used to add power to other spells, sealing them or anchoring them down. They are often included in nation sacks, mojo (gris gris) bags or amulets of protection.
This purchase is for TWO (2) nails.

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