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Written Reading mini

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This listing is for a written channeled general tarot/oracle reading. During your reading, I will connect with my spirit guides to answer your questions or give general advice. I will utilize either tarot or oracle, or both decks to channel the message. I will deliver the message through channeled writing and you will receive an email with your reading and pictures of the cards pulled, so please make sure to include your email in the comments
This is generally good for 1-2 questions or pieces of wisdom. This reading can also be for a general channeled message. I typically pull 3-6 cards depending on the message. 
Good questions to ask:
-What guidance do my Spirit guides/ancestors have for me? 
-Am I on the right career path?
-Does this person have good intentions towards me? 
-Should I change career paths/major/jobs/states/etc?
-What is the relationship’s current energy?
-What obstacle do I need to overcome?
-What’s my career calling? How do I move closer to this calling?
Making a decision? 
-What’s the underlying root cause of this crossroads? What outcome is most likely with option A? What outcome is most likely with option B? What else should I consider that’s been missed?
-What’s my next best step today?

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