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Witch Poppet

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The Witch's Poppet
The witch's poppet is decorated in deep purples, forest greens, and bright golden hues, with frayed satin cloth, and dried flowers and feathers. Beneath her skirt is a spell scroll, secured and active, to bring her magic to life. Inside are herbs and crystal chips to keep your doll happy and fed until next Samhain. 
The corn husk was soaked in the waxing cresent moon water that captured a green meteor shower, as was the twine and frayed silk. This event is incredibly rare, being the last shower was in 1998 and has only just started up again.
The powerful energy due to this meteor shower that now imbues this item will be well met if used for prosperity, abundance, fertility, meditation, Astral travel, shamanic journeys, bravery, love, perseverance, luck, and other magicks. All that is needed is for her new home to name her, issue her a task, and breathe life in to her to activate her and her magic. 
This is a great piece to place on your mantle or altar. This doll can be an effigy, resembling someone specific, or used to be a bearer for intent. For instance, if used for protection of a certain person or thing, place an item (hair, clothing, charm, nail) of that person on the doll. If used for the general household, for instance to bring wealth and abundance, simply tell the doll her specific task, cleanse her with incense, and give offerings to her occasionally throughout the year to say thank you for her hard work. 
If you feel the doll has completed her task before Samhain, you may take her apart and bury her, as if a funeral, or create a funeral pyre and burn her completely after give your thanks and releasing her from her task.
In history, poppets have been used for healing and aiding in protection. For protection, they are often sealed in to the wall of the house. 
Details: these dolls are approximately 7" in size, some are slight smaller, slightly wider, or slightly shorter. All dolls are individually made and have their own personalities, herbs, flowers, dress, and crystals. Handmade out of organic materials. Some glue was used to help hold in place. 
Just like people, no two are the same.

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