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The Archer's Arrow: A Tarot Reading

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The Archer's Arrow: A Tarot Reading

Lost? Out of gas? Just want to make sure that you're on track? Then head to the Archer's Arrow, a rest stop that can help you get where you're going!

The Archer's Arrow Layout was originally conceived as a method of determining a path towards a short-term goal, in the style of an [EXIT THIS WAY] sign. As time has passed, the Archer's Arrow Layout has expanded and evolved into a layout more akin to a [YOU ARE HERE] directory. This is used to reference where you are in relation to a goal in much the same way that you might trace a direct route to a destination. In order to better convey the spirit of this reading, we recommend visualizing yourself in the position of an archer. The purpose of an arrow is to strike a target--whether that target is an objective or an obstacle.

All divination readings are performed and interpreted as a partnership! Leftover Stardust is made up of a pair of married Divination Consultants that have a combined fourteen years of divination practice.


The following numbered statements correspond to the numbered positions pictured above.

1. The archer's MINDSET affects all of their actions; a focused mind makes for a focused stance.

2. The archer's MOTIVATION for putting arrow to bowstring is exactly as unique as the archer themselves, but the intent is the same in all cases--to strike their target.

3. As the archer nocks the arrow and draws back the bowstring, the MOTION creates tension on the bow; this tension will be the driving force behind the arrow.

4. The STRUCTURE of the archer's arrow should be of sturdy make and sound design; it will fly as true as the archer's aim.

5. The archer must RELEASE their arrow for it to be effective; if the archer maintains the bow's tension overlong, it serves only to strain their energy.

6. The archer transfers energy from themselves into the arrow by releasing the tension of the bow; this energy synergizes with a well-crafted arrow into FLIGHT.

7. All of this energy is focused into THE POINT, where an emphasis is placed on the affective arrowhead; this is what will have an impact upon the target.

8. If the archer has a LINE OF SIGHT to their target, they will have better aim and thus a greater ability to land a hit. If the target is obscured, it may be more difficult to determine a success.

Please choose from one of these six Tarot decks, which were chosen specifically for use in the Archer's Arrow layout. The decks are shown in the pictures above.

Trippin' Waite
Queen Alice
LeGrande CIrcus
Everyday Witch
Lord of the Rings

Please provide your name, preferred pronouns, your email address, and your choice of deck. Thank you! After we perform your reading, you will receive a thoughtfully written summation of our interpretation of the cards pulled, along with accompanying photos.

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