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Solar Sun Offering Handcrafted Herbal Tea Blend

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This tea is made with solar herbs that tend to be hot and dry. They tend to be Yang — expansive, and radiant. Through working with solar herbs, we are better able to recognize our role, and what we are here to do in this life. It provides us the creativity on how to visualize our life within this Universe. Solar herbs help us direct our ego in a useful way in order to achieve spiritual wisdom. 
The Sun represents our little Ego, and our Super Ego, meaning that it encompasses the entire consciousness, and it is up to us to conduct it in the way that we’re ready for. Herbs of the Sun help us better understand the divine nature of manifest reality. Just as herbs are dependent upon the Sun’s rays, so too are our creative endeavors dependent upon a positive, divine radiance from our own inner self. 
Restores the energy, vitality and immunity overall. Strengthen the heart, improve the eyes and clear the vision. The “hot” and “dry” overall energy of this tea helps dispel cold aids in the recuperation of the vital forces, relieves pain with their relaxing warmth.  
Beautifully packaged and unique loose leaf tea to be gifted or kept to yourself. Celebrate love of tea with yourself or others! All teas made with Organic ingredients and are hand blended & packaged. 
Ingredients: Chamomile flowers*, St. John’s Wort*, Turmeric root*, Rhodiola root*, Juniper Berries*, Orange peel*, Peppermint leaf*, Ginger root*, Calendula Flower*. 
*Denotes Organic
Sun Tea comes with a clear crystal quartz to enhance and aid in work with this tea. Ingredients are carefully selected and blended to create teas that will help change your being. 

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