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Silver Fox Face Pelt

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Fangs, shells, small bones, claws, or feathers can be used for protection, luck, for shamanic practice, or in order to draw from the qualities and abilities of the spirit animals that inhabit them. For example, a crow feather or claw may help balance your life and enforce your quest for knowledge of the greater mysteries, or fox fangs or bones may help you attain the wits you’d need in order to sail through a difficult situation. Likewise, they can be used during shamanic work for protection and guidance when traveling between worlds.
The Fox
Silent and cunning, this Chthonic creature is spread world wide, being a symbol of intelligence, self preservation, trickery, prophecy and sooth-saying, shape shifting, astral projection and Other World walking, bravery, alertness, wildness, resourcefulness, changes and seasons, and tolerance. Skilled hunters, foxes have been associated with the huntress goddesses and have been used to aid in location, truth spells, or search finding spells, as well as moon magic and deity devotionals or sacrifices. 
Seen as the embodiment of pure magic, foxes are seen as guides to other worlds, much like the raven. They stalk the darkness of the forest, unseen and unheard, giving to their association with invisibility. 
 The First Nation Tribes considered foxes to be protectors and were used as wards for evil, and even believed these creatures could speak to the gods because of their hearing capabilities. 
In IndoAsian culture, there are rumors of skinwalkers, or witches, who take the form of foxes. Some of these creatures are called "Fox Wives", who are seductive creatures who "entice unwary scholars and travelers with the lure of their sexuality and the illusion of their beauty and riches. They drain the men of their yang -- their masculine force -- and leave them dissipated or dead." The fox-women who roam the forests of northern Europe in Scandinavia are portrayed as heart-stoppingly beautiful, fiercely independent, and extremely dangerous as well. In the West, it's the fox-men that young maidens must beware of, lest they succumb to a bloody death. A variation of this theme is common in Siberian, Inuit, and other North American tribe cultures. To continue in Asian culture, one must take a look at the legends of the familiars called Kitsuni, and their witches, Kitsuni-mochi, and the hereditary witch masters of the Kitsuni, the Tsukimono-suji. For the hereditary witches, the Kitsuni are passed down maternally through the generations and are ties to one witch, but benefit the family unit as a whole.
In most mythologies, foxes usually correlated with fire and the sun. Some cultures call them the fire-bringer, and their legends say the fox stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. The Northern lights aurora were called "revontulet" in Finland, meaning "fox fires", thus foxes are the cause of the Northern Lights. Others, they are seen as a symbol of marriage, love, and transitions within love because foxes are known to mate for life. Foxes sometimes replaced cats as witch´s familiars in medieval European folklore, and were occasionally persecuted in the resulting hysteria. 
Although chancy to encounter in myth, and too wild to domesticate easily, some of us long for foxes nonetheless, for their musky scent, their wild hearts, and their sharp-toothed magic. 
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-Fox Claws
-Silver Fox Face Pelt
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