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Sea Glass Rune Set

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Runes and their workings have crept into my practice with greater and greater strength, as I trace my ancestry back through this land. I've discovered that runic magic runs through my family in a very real way. In Norse mythology, the gift of wisdom was given to the God Odin after he sacrificed himself to himself - he hanged himself on Yggdrasil (the world tree) for nine days and nights, without food or water. During this time he discovered both the shapes and the meanings of each rune; thus, he used these new spells and chants to become one of the most powerful beings in all the realms, allowing him to heal and protect others, strike down his opponents, and even raise the dead.
From an archeological standpoint, the earliest confirmed use of these runes was in 160 CE, however it's believed they have been used far earlier. The Elder Futhark, as used on these runes, is the oldest runic language discovered, and was used throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, Germanic lands, and spread to everywhere the Vikings traveled to (including Scotland).
A shoreline in Scotland is the source of the sea glass used to craft these runes. Helensburgh, a town on Gare Loch, is a beautiful place, and it was there and during a larger rite of mine that I found these fragments imbued with magical energy. This energy made the runes more receptive than their unadulterated counterparts, allowing them to not just channel messages from this land, but also from the Vikings who left them behind. These runes are particularly chatty with those who share a spiritual or ancestral tie to Scotland or its people.
**Please note that each sea glass rune set it unique and thus will vary in appearance from set to set**
**I also make or find the bags with which I send them to you in an effort to reduce and reuse. As such, the bag that your set comes in might not be similar to the one pictured above**

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