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Dream Sigil Candle

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Having trouble remembering your dreams? One cause could be an imbalance in your life between dark & light/your emotions/your interactions with Mother Earth. I've created this Sigil with the Mantra in mind "I have lucid dreams that I remember". Burn this candle before bed, during Meditations or throughout your day while focussing your intentions on balancing the un-balanced. 
Gray is the color of balance between light and dark. When you light your candle, watch the flame invite light, while the melting wax darkens, balancing each side of life. 
HERBS: Nettle for protection while you are dreaming and Chamomile to reach a desired peace of mind to achieve lucid dreams.
Sigil is hand drawn and of my own creation. Please do not duplicate without permission!
Candles are made individually and will reflect such with variations in coloring/patterning and hand-paintings. 
100% soy wax, hand poured and crafted. Hand braided hemp wicks are anchored to a Rose Quartz Crystal you may retrieve after burning completely. 

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