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Cord Cutting Ritual

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Cord Cutting allows for a release of what no longer serves as we grow, learn, and evolve. This particular Cord Cutting Ritual is meant to sever ties that are unhealthy, unsafe, or holding you back and create space that rebalances, reharmonizes, and re-establishes healthy energetic boundaries.
We connect energetically to perceive information on a deeper, celestial, and esoteric level. Sometimes, those energetic cords are so tightly wound, that we receive scarring, emotions, and wounds from how coiled our energy becomes with another individual.
Cutting these cords helps remove the extra weight and allows you to transition through without the burdened heaviness that may prevent you from letting go.
You may need a Cord Cutting Ritual if you feel:
*Energy Levels are Depleted
*Unexplained Tiredness, Sadness, or Anxiety
*Feeling Stuck with No Clear Direction
*Inability To Make Confident Decisions
*Obsessive Thoughts About Another Person
*Judgmental Thoughts Towards Self or Other People
*Unhealthy Habits
*Low Immune System
During the completion of this cord cutting, you will receive photos of how the candles fell as well as how the rope burned. Additionally, I will add any intuitive impressions I receive.
There will be a displacement of energy after cords are cut, and although I will rebalance the energy by filling you with healing, it’s vital you take care of yourself in the forty-eight hours after the cord cutting is complete. Allowing space for self-care which can be in the form of a salt bath, massage, journaling, yoga, howl at the moon, or walks in nature. Please drink plenty of water forty-eight hours after the ritual to continue flushing out the remnants of the broken energy.
It’s important to be gentle with yourself and allow the emotions you feel to naturally flow as they arise. Some individuals may feel joy, sadness, glee, anger, or peace. It’s very common for these to temporarily bubble to the surface to break as the energy moves, but it’s vital to allow this energy to dispel naturally without restricting it.
DISCLAIMER: Per Wyxii rules, I’m required to state this is for entertainment purposes only. While divination, psychic, intuitive, tarot, and mediumship is used as a self-counseling tool for spiritual growth, self-help, and personal development, it does not replace free will and common sense. I do not offer refunds for my services, nor do I offer readings on infants, health, pregnancy, financial, or legal. I’m not a medical doctor, an attorney, or a financial advisor and make no claims to be as such. The proper counsel should be appointed if a need for these services is required. I claim no responsibility for the actions, outcomes, aftermath, interpretation, potentials, decisions, or understanding that may or may not come as the results of this reading.

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