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Coffin Nail

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Iron Coffin Nails -- 2.5" 
Magic is art. Science. Lifestyle. Spiritual evolution. It is designed for anyone from any background and overlaps within culture sects readily. With each culture comes a set belief or religion. And each of these, we need to study to truly understand the importance and use of the tools we have. Think of it like school. In regular school, you learn about geometry. In witch "school", you learn sacred geometry. Same concept. 
Coffin nails are an interesting but quick study. We all know that they are used to be a grounding tool and to hold things, events, or desired intents in place. But there's so many more uses. 
For instance, in Devonshire, England, superstition had it that a ring made from three nails or screws that have been used to fasten a coffin that was dug up in a churchyard would act as a charm against convulsions and fits of every kind, including hysterics and madness. It was also said to help ease the symptoms of PMS and cramping. 
Coffin nails are a necessary component in many forms of ritual magick, including Hoodoo, Voodoo, Wicca, Witchcraft, Obeah, and Santeria, just to name a few. It is to be noted that they are, mainly, used for darker workings. Coffin nails are also used in spells of malice, to make someone ill, to drive them away, or even to cause a premature death. In Voodoo, they were used to drive a victim insane. They are also used in revenge spells and other destructive magickal workings. To use a nail is to, literally, put a nail in someone's coffin; thus, they are associated with death. Some, on basis of morphology, ascribe nails to a phallic virtue. Another use is to bind powerful sources or a fixative power to you via an effigy or poppet or medium, including celestial powers. The thing or power being fixed by the nail to person, place or object can be manifold; even celestial powers corresponding to the time at which the nail was struck into its medium can be bound into workings. Herein we understand the basis of hammering various amulets into the lintel above the threshold, such as the apotropaic images of the sun, open hand or ubiquitous horseshoe.
On the positive side of things, coffin nails are used to break curses, reverse spells, break addictions, rid oneself from evil, to stop fights, general protection, or to ‘nail down’ something such as a goal or specific objective. They are also used in certain wealth or money spells. In these cases they are hammered into the corners of the home or in the door jambs and window sills, to keep your money ‘at home’. Coffin nails can also be used to add power to other spells, sealing them or anchoring them down. They are often included in nation sacks, mojo (gris gris) bags or amulets of protection.
Crooked nails were hung around the necks of adults and children for protection, while the Tuetonic people drove the nails in to their hearth for retrieval of stolen property. A coffin nail or horseshoe nail dipped in spring water is a prime remedy to use against the "little people" when they grow bothersome (Fair Folk hate iron). Rub a nail across your gums then hammer in to a tree with medicinal properties to cure a tooth ache. Use a nail to pierce a witch's maniken with malicious or benevolent intent; this practice is often use in substitution or conjunction of black locust Thorns which also have a warding virtue. Arranging nails in groups of three or four with sigils or runes during Magic working is related to the practice of sacred geometry or, as old pagan custom, is a gift to the Table of Fortune where one gains the favor of Fate to predestinate good things and blessings. Nails driven in to the footprint left behind by a lover will help break a love spell. 
In working with this tool through the art of charm and geometry, we may come to further access the powers & mysteries traditionally hidden within these arcane symbols.
This purchase is for TWO (2) nails.

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