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Channeled Spirit Guide Intuitive Reading

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Depending upon the intensity of the energy, you can anticipate this reading to be anywhere between 1500-5000 words and to be sent via etsy conversations or email.
A Spirit Guide is an evolved being who has completed their own Soul Purpose and agreed to support you in your spiritual evolution. Your Spirit Guide will follow you on your journey through this life and assist in navigating you through your personal development. Spirit Guides are much different from passed loved ones. Spirit Guides are assigned to you where as our lost loved ones choose to stay as a guardian.
Please provide as many details as you feel comfortable sharing, but questions are REQUIRED for channeling Spirit Guides. It’s important that you be specific with your inquiries as Spirit Guides tend to respond better to detailed questions rather than vague generalizations. To complete this reading, I will need a photograph of yourself to connect with your energy.
I have a unique style when it comes to psychic interpretation and intuitive insights, therefore, I’ll be as descriptive as possible in providing connections which will guide you to further clarity and understanding about your situation. This particular reading will be a combination of the imagery I see as well as automatic writing. Please include up to four questions in the personalization box at the time of checkout.
Every reading generally takes me between two to four hours to complete because of the intense amount of information that comes through. I describe and interpret everything that I see. Yep, EVERYTHING. That’s what makes these readings so lengthy, and because I read without tools, it takes much longer starting everything from scratch each time. Wait time is currently around seven to ten days. I appreciate your patience and understanding.
DISCLAIMER: Per Wyxii rules, I’m required to state this is for entertainment purposes only. While divination, psychic, intuitive, tarot, and mediumship is used as a self-counseling tool for spiritual growth, self-help, and personal development, it does not replace free will and common sense. I do not offer refunds for my services, nor do I offer readings on infants, health, pregnancy, financial, or legal. I’m not a medical doctor, an attorney, or a financial advisor and make no claims to be as such. The proper counsel should be appointed if a need for these services is required. I claim no responsibility for the actions, outcomes, aftermath, interpretation, potentials, decisions, or understanding that may or may not come as the results of this reading.

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