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Black Cat Bone

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Fangs, shells, small bones, claws, or feathers can be used for protection, luck, for shamanic practice, or in order to draw from the qualities and abilities of the spirit animals that inhabit them. For example, a crow feather or claw may help balance your life and enforce your quest for knowledge of the greater mysteries, or fox fangs or bones may help you attain the wits you’d need in order to sail through a difficult situation. Likewise, they can be used during shamanic work for protection and guidance when traveling between worlds.
Black Cat Toe Bones
In the earliest of associations dating back to ancient Greece, Hekate graced the world's presence, debuting her newest member of her menagerie and personal familiar, the cat. It is from then on, that the Mother of Witches came to become associated with cats, particularly black.  
Aside from this bonded history, cats have gained a rap sheet starting in early Europe as being infamous for ill-omens and a precursor to unfavorable visitors. Before that, however, cats were revered and seen as gods themselves in the Ancient Egyptian civilization. In the 13th century, Pope Gregory IX declared black cats to be "the incarnation of Satan", thus being the decree that sparked the genocide of the witch hunts for Luciferian cults throughout Europe. But it wasn’t only the connection they fabricated between witches, cats, and the devil that the early Christians feared: they also saw them both as threats. “Cats, like the women accused of witchcraft, tend to exhibit a healthy disrespect of authority,” she notes. “They don't fawn, like dogs, upon even the unworthy. In the church, neither independent women, nor independent animals, were to be tolerated.”
However, European mainland aside, black cats have a fond association in other countries. In Scotland, a black cat means prosperity is sure to follow. In France, they increase your luck and, if you are kind to a stray, you are rewarded. In Japan, black cats terrify demons and keep them away.  
Black cats aid their fellow witch in more than just luck, prosperity, and protection, though. It is said that to carry a bone of a black cat, you will have the powers of a magician. All it takes, in the eyes of some of our early American ancestors, is the bone of a black cat to make a witch.
As folklore in the South would put it, a witch bone was used to "control cattle, horses, or women as user wishes”, it could also grant desires, invisibility and unlock doors. The “witch bone” in American folklore was a marvel, as it could be used to control animals at will- particularly horses (mirroring the Toadman tradition of England), and, even to fly.The power of a witch or a wizard to banish at will is also obtained from some bone of a black cat.
The following items are available in my shop for cat bones:
-Black Cat Toes
- Cats Paw
Bones are sold as curiosity only. We do not recommend the consumption of bones and we are not responsible for any use of bones in tinctures, oils, soaps, etc. 
Our products are not for medical use nor do we claim that they replace medical treatment. 
We do not guarantee spellwork or intentions.
Buy purchase of this product, you guarantee that you have read and understand the disclaimer of this item.
Due to the nature of this work, all sales are final. Please be respectful of all remains and handle natural items responsibly. Keep all specimens out of reach of children and pets. 
This purchase is for TWO (2) toe bones.
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